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The Career Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Certification program provides CTE industry professionals who may or may not possess a bachelor's degree but do meet minimal qualifications and hold licensure an opportunity to teach in the classroom. Through required West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE)-approved training and coursework, CTE professionals may acquire a Professional CTE Teaching Certificate.

College credit may be awarded upon successful completion of the CTE Educator Prep program.

Each section on this page represents a module in the CTE Teacher Certification program.

CTE Modules Registration

Register and complete the online CTE Educator Prep Program modules. Exemptions to this stipulation are to successfully finish a teacher prep program from a recognized institution of higher education or a state-approved WVDE alternative certification program.

Degree Or Skills Verification

  • Meet the Wage-Earning Experience requirement for the CTE alternatively certified teacher in the occupational area where licensure is requested. Consult the CTE Endorsement and Testing Manual for specific requirements.
  • It may be necessary to possess an associate's or bachelor’s degree in the relevant occupation area.
  • Complete Form V10-Verification of Work Experience to verify wage-earning work experience necessary for CTE licensure and alternative certification. This form must be signed and stamped by a public notary.

Employability Assessment

Ensure successful completion of the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) Employability Exam. Comprehensive testing guidelines and detailed blueprints are available on the NOCTI website. Contact your local school district to register for the exam.


Complete the CTE Educator Prep Commitment form to confirm the roles of each participant in fulfilling the program requirements.

Initial Permit

Complete Form V9-CTE Permit to receive temporary certification to begin teaching in the classroom.


The CTE Teacher Mentoring program must be completed within the first year of teaching.

Upon completing the CTE modules, you will either complete the industry certification pathway or the skills assessment pathway.

Industry Certification

Program participants either possess or will acquire the necessary industry credentials as outlined in the CTE Endorsement and Testing Manual if required for the program of study.

Skills Assessment

  • Take the NOCTI Content and Performance Assessment, if required for your program of study. This 2-part assessment requires you to pass the content assessment prior to taking the performance assessment.
    • NOCTI Content Exam - Achieve a passing score on the online content exam about your specific program of study.
    • NOCTI Performance Exam - Successfully pass the performance assessment to demonstrate and exhibit acquired content skills associated with the occupational area.

Successfully complete one of the previous pathways qualifies you for CTE certification.

CTE Certification

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