Teaching Career Tech

Career technical education (CTE) exposes students to various career options. CTE teachers bring industry experience to the classroom, providing students with firsthand knowledge of their chosen career pathway.


There are many benefits to teaching CTE.

  • Empower students by sharing your industry knowledge and expertise.
  • Prepare students for a successful career.
  • Paid time off on holidays and through the summer months.
  • An extensive package that includes retirement and healthcare benefits.
  • Partner with colleges, businesses, industry leaders and educational industries such as the Southern Regional Education Board and Mountain State Educational Cooperative Services.

Become a CTE Teacher

The CTE Teacher Certification program provides an accelerated pathway for CTE industry professionals to seek certification as a K-12 educator to teach CTE courses in schools across the Mountain State.

Step 1: Skills Verification and/or Degree

Verify that your degree and/or industry experience comply with the requirements outlined in the CTE Endorsement and Testing Manual. Next, register for the CTE Educator Preparation program.

Step 2: Employability Testing

Contact your local school district and register for the NOCTI Employability Exam, which measures the necessary skills for success in the workplace through reading, mathematics, collaboration and decision-making.

Step 3: CTE Mentorship

In the first year of teaching, you must complete a CTE mentorship program led by a West Virginia Department of Education coordinator. This program includes in-person collaborative training, classroom visits, individualized support and more.

Step 4: CTE Teacher Certification

Depending on your CTE discipline, you may be required to take the NOCTI Content and Performance Assessment and/or hold a CTE credential per the CTE Endorsement and Testing Manual. Refer to the NOCTI website for testing blueprints.


Congratulations, you have completed all requirements to become a CTE teacher in West Virginia.

View the complete program checklist for detailed information.

Ready to get Started?

Register for the CTE Educator Prep Program today.

Printable Resources

The following resources are for use by Human Resources personnel.

Pathway Flyer

  • Flyer
Flyer illustrating the steps to become a CTE teacher in WV.

Hiring Flyer

  • Flyer
Download and modify this flyer to list your current CTE openings and contact information.

Educator Commitment Form

  • Form
A mutual commitment between the county and CTE teacher for program completion, offering guidance, support, and resources for success in teaching.

Program Checklist

  • Document
This program checklist contains details for the accelerated pathway for individuals who desire to teach career technical education.