State Tuition Reimbursement Funds

Reimbursement for qualifying educators is available on a first-come, first-served basis when taking coursework in a critical shortage area verified by the county of employment. In summary, an educator applying for tuition reimbursement must meet the following criteria for shortage area coursework:

  1. Holds either a valid West Virginia Teaching, Student Support, or Administrative Certificate, may also hold a First-Class Full-Time Permit for full‑time employment in a shortage area, and is employed regularly in a West Virginia public school;

    or Meet the following criteria of required coursework for professional certification renewal:
  2. Individuals seeking certification renewal who have a continuing contract with a county school board may request reimbursement of renewal coursework. Shortage area coursework is reimbursed before renewal area coursework within each fiscal year. All renewal coursework requests are denied until June 15th of each year. If there are funds remaining after all shortage area coursework is paid, then renewal coursework may be considered for reimbursement.

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