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Grow Your Own Programs are designed to harvest promising local high school students and facilitate a career path for them to pursue a career in education.

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ECCAT Program

An Early Childhood Classroom Assistant Teacher (ECCAT) is a classroom assistant teacher employed in early childhood classroom to work with teachers to support and enhance the instructional environment and educational quality in the classroom. Currently, all assistant teachers employed in West Virginia Pre-K and kindergarten classrooms must hold a temporary or permanent ECCAT authorization. To obtain a temporary authorization, an individual must be hired as an ECCAT and complete all requirements to obtain a permanent ECCAT authorization, including completion of approved coursework in early childhood special education, child development, and early childhood language and literacy, or other approved pathway, as provided by the West Virginia Department of Education Certification Office.

The ECCAT Overview provides further details regarding requirements for becoming an ECCAT in West Virginia early childhood classrooms.  For further information on becoming an ECCAT, please contact the personnel director at your county board of education or the West Virginia Department of Education Certification Office by phone at (800) 982-2378.

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